The revolutionary
Biotechflow Expanded Bed
Adsorption Chromatography

What is behind our approach to EBA Chromatography?

The BTF EBA column is fed directly from a bioreactor with unclarified and undiluted biomass. Our unique single stage chromatography column produces pure product thereby doing away with the need for clarification, centrifugation, filtration, intermediate storage, packing to HETP-approved standard, air purification, etc. resulting in:

  • Double the yield
  • A third of the processing time
  • A Tenth of the space

The Process

Fill column with EBA media

Equilibrate with buffer and expand bed

Load unclarified biomass

Wash 1 remove HCP's and DNA

Wash 2 remove further bound species

Elute product in concentrated solution

Clean in place the EBA media

Financial Benefits

Indicative based on Client and Process.

avg. equipment savings


avg. labour savings

£300k pa

avg. maintenance savings

£600k pa

avg. production yield increase

40% (client specific)

Dr Martin Hofmann

Dr Martin Hofmann


Biotechflow was started in 2010 by Dr Martin Hofmann after 30 years working worldwide in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

The patents and IPR he subsequently developed make possible both the enormous improvements in process efficiency and the generation of huge cost savings which customers all round the world are now enjoying but which are unique to the BTF EBA columns.


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