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About us

Biotechflow specialise in unique equipment for the isolation and purification of antibodies (e.g. MAb’s), therapeutic proteins and polypeptides direct from biomass (CHO cells; other mammalian cells; plasma; recombinant bacteria, yeasts, plants, milk, etc) – from laboratory to 100 - 5,000 litres biomass per run, cGMP Post-Phase III production scale. Potential for isolation of vaccine bodies/particles (with targetable epitopes) for vaccines, RNA, etc. This technology is currently particularly important for the large production scale isolation of antibodies and vaccines against COVID-19 (a Coronavirus).


Our Expanded Bed Chromatography Adsorption columns have been scaled-up from laboratory to cGMP full kg production commercial scale, Post-Phase III product in Europe, America and Australia over the last 10 years. Extremely comprehensive Validation Documentation including USP VI certs for all wetted parts, FAT, on-site IQ, OQ, installation and training included.


We have over 100 years combined experience in R&D, design and commercial production of chromatography columns – from 10-mm diameter to 2-metre diameter. Biotechflow equipment and methods have proven to reduce capital costs, process time, and clean room footprint to a third conventional methods (independent customer reference).

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